1) What is the Michigan Classic Ballet Company?

The Michigan Classic Ballet Company (MCBC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) company.  
Artistic Director, Mary Geiger, founded the company in 1989.  MCBC offers a
performance outlet for pre-professional Michigan artists while providing their
audiences with such superior full-length productions as Giselle, Cinderella,
Coppelia, Swan Lake and the holiday favorite The Nutcracker.  Artistic Director
Mary Geiger and the Board of Directors envision the company’s role in
metropolitan Detroit as a provider of quality ballet productions and an educator
in the appreciation of classical ballet history and technique.  MCBC is open to
the general public.

2) How can I join the Michigan Classic Ballet Company?

Dancers for the Michigan Classic Ballet Company are selected by an audition.  
Auditions are held every year in the fall.  Auditions are sometimes held in
January for spring productions.

3) Why do you have to audition for MCBC?

The audition process is for several purposes.  The first is to make sure the
dancers have the physical strength and stamina to participate in rehearsals
safely.  The audition also assists with casting for the productions.  Dancers are
evaluated on their dance technique, artistry, quality of movement, musicality
and ability to learn choreography quickly.  The dancers are also placed into the
different sections of the company; apprentice, junior and senior dancers.

4) What is the rehearsal schedule?

The company holds rehearsals Thursday nights from 7:15-9 p.m, Fridays from 7:
15-10 p.m., Saturdays from 12:30-5 pm. and some Sundays from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  
The rehearsals on Thursdays and Fridays are typically for older dancers.  Each
dancer will have rehearsal during these time frames.  Rehearsals are called by

The rehearsal schedule is posted one week in advance.  Rehearsal tend to be
more sporadic and less often as the choreography is taught.  Once the
choreography is learned and it gets closer to the performance rehearsals are
longer and more often as larger sections of the ballet are rehearsed at one
time.  The amount of rehearsal time also depends on the number of roles the
dancers is cast in.  It is common for dancers to have more than one role, which
would result in more rehearsal time.

5) Why can’t I get the rehearsal schedule ahead of time?

The artistic director and staff determine what piece or dancers need to be
rehearsed after completing the rehearsal weekend.  The choreography is
learned at different rates from year to year and the ability of the dancers to
make corrections consistently also varies.  By waiting until rehearsals are
completed, the dancers who need the most rehearsal time can be scheduled

6) Who takes company class?

Dancers are placed during the audition process as apprentice, junior and
senior company dancers.  Apprentices do not take company class.  Junior and
Senior Company dancers are required to take company class.

7) When is company class?

Company class is Saturdays from 11:15-12:30 pm.

8) Where are rehearsals and company class held?

The rehearsals and company class are held at the Geiger Classic Ballet
Academy in Bloomfield Hills.  The week of the performance, there are
rehearsals at the theatre.

9) How much does it cost to be in MCBC?

There are three tiers to the dancers, apprentices, juniors and senior dancers.  
The apprentice contract is $250, the junior contract is $660 and the senior
contract is $700.  The apprentice contract is for the performance season only
(either Nutcracker or Seasons of Spring).  The junior and senior contract is for
the full year (September through May)  There are also fundraising participation

10) What does the contract fee cover?

The fee covers the cost of all rehearsals, costume rental and maintenance and
company class for juniors and seniors.  Dancers are responsible for their own
shoes and tights.  The company keeps colored shoes from previous
performances and loans them to dancers based on fit and availability.

11)        What is Regional Dance America or Festival?

Festival/Regional Dance America (RDA) was founded in 1988 to promote the
artistic development of dance companies throughout the United States. The
five regional organizations of RDA (the Mid-States, the Northeast, the Pacific,
the Southeast, and the Southwest) hold festivals each year where member
companies share four days of master-classes, lectures, seminars and social
events. Evening performances are held showcasing the member companies,
demonstrating the growth they have achieved throughout the year. These
festivals provide each company's dancers with the opportunity to perform for a
broader regional audience, take classes from world renown teachers, be seen
by artistic directors associated with professional companies, present emerging
choreography and audition for national scholarships to universities and
summer dance programs.

12) Who attends Festival?

All senior dancers are required to attend Festival.  Junior dancers are selected
by invitation of the Artistic Director to attend classes.  Dancers must be a
minimum of 10 years old to participate in Festival.
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 3:30-8:00pm (EST)

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